A New Hope (Friday’s)


Party was at the field after the respective games.  People brought their tasty beverages and hung out.  Most stayed to enjoy the festivities and had a blast.


We witnessed a nail biter for the first time this season.  Fluff and Tuff and Sons Of Pitches met last year in the playoffs and their rematch this season offered Fluff and Tuff a measure of revenge.  They found themselves down for a majority of the game but would not be deterred. Going into the final inning of the game they started to get their bats in order.  Batter after batter was able to find the empty spot in the outfield as they were able to move runners around the bases.  With the game tied, a Fluff and Tuff runner rounded third base and made their way home.  Just feet away from home plate he hit the ground face first and hit the plate.  Was it a slide or a trip?  While each team had their own opinion the one that mattered was the home plate ump who deemed it a slide and the third out of the inning.  Sons of Pitches had a chance to break the dead lock with the final bats but were not able and they had to settle for an 11 all tie.

Where My Pitches At were able to pick up their first win of the season after that exciting finish.  They were able to run the bases very well against the Oddballs and can now look at the second half of the season with a bit of optimism.