Back to Base-ics! (Friday’s)

What a great night for Friday night softball! Many teams came out to play, and with the playoffs are around the corner, teams are finding their groove on the diamond and coming out with some big victories. The best thing about this season all teams are coming out to have fun win or lose everyone is enjoying themselves playing softball on a Friday night with drinks and great music. We had a real fun game between McGlovins and Bonverse Briminals that was just pure entertainment we players and fans having a blast with the interaction between teams. Even the umpires were having fun with these two teams as every mistake the players made a joke was made each team had a hype man which kept the game comical. Even though Bonverse Briminals were defeated 18-1 they still found a way to have a blast on the diamond and McGlovins went along with the entertainment. It seems like Fridays are sure going to be one for the books this season.