Balls Away! (Monday’s)


Slap A Pitch


Under the Super Moon, teams once again took to the diamond to continue the march towards the playoffs in a few weeks. Strange things happen under a lunar event, and that almost occurred Monday night in a game between one of the best teams in Slap a Pitch and the other who finally got a full roster together, and their timing couldn’t have been better.


The Swingers entered the game having struggled to find their groove and a full roster, but they put those two demons to rest Monday night when they had more than enough. They made good use of their newfound depth in the top of the first inning by surprising Slap a Pitch with a solo run to grab the early advantage. Slap a Pitch was no slouch though, and they returned the favor with a solo run of their own in the bottom half of the inning to notch things up as one. After shutting out the Swingers in the top of the second they found their sticks and opened things up in bottom half with four runs to break things open and get back to the scoring in which they’ve become accustomed. With a four run lead, they looked once again to hand the Swingers another goose egg in the top of third, but that’s when the Swingers showed what they could do with eleven batters. True to their word, they racked up four runs and pronounced to the league that they can compete with the best of them. While this success was a great personal victory, the reality was that Slap a Pitch was the best of them, the defending champs and like all champs do, they defended their ground by adding another four runs to undo the production of the Swingers. While they allowed the Swingers to score more runs in the top of the fourth it wouldn’t be enough to upset the champs taking the game 14-8. They then turned their attention to the Hanger where some golden goodness in a pitcher of Bud Light awaited the victor and they celebrated as champs do.