Balls Flying! (Monday’s)

Despite Mother Nature’s extreme efforts to extend this spring season, games proceeded as planned at Rusty Lyons and with a lot of help from our dedicated umpires and players who made the conditions on Field 1 a little less disastrous than they were before the games got underway. For that, we say thank you to you gentleman.


This week we got treated to some great games and after a half hour delay on Field 2, Softballs and Hardsticks took the field to play host to the visiting Bat Asses; both teams beginning the first game of their scheduled double headers. The delay in start time may have caused both teams to rust up a bit after warming up for a 6:30 start time because the bats were silent throughout the first two and a half innings during which defense ruled the day as some spectacular gold gloves plays were observed. In the bottom half of the third inning, Bat Asses finally broke through and stopped the goose eggs on the scoreboard by breaking through for a solo run. With time becoming a factor, Softballs and Hardsticks finally figured out the ace pitcher of Bat Asses and broke open the game with four runs to grab the lead and then some. With a desperate effort and no time left, Bat Asses threw everything they had at Softballs and Hardsticks and scraped across two runs to make Softballs and Hardsticks cringe a bit, but that cringe feeling turned into exuberance as the final out was recorded and the first game of the doubleheader was victorious for the with a 4-3 win.


This was only the beginning as they the victory momentum carried over into the second game of the double header against Big Brown Stix and they had no trouble taking care of business against the determined effort. This time their victory was not so dramatic, winning this one 13-3 to sweep their double header.