Bat-tastic Days! (Sunday’s)

Rusty Lyons

One Team One Bed


One Hit Winders


It was a good day for softball at Rusty Lyons on Sunday as many teams came out to play some great ball on the diamond. Some teams looked very solid as we progress through this season, but others seemed to have forgotten their Golden Gloves as saw a number of defensive errors in the infield.



We had a good game between One Team, One Bed against I’d Hit That! They went back and forth the first couple of innings, but One Team, One Bed was able to pull the win with a 10-6 victory.  Last game of the night was a thriller between One Hit Wonders against Pitches Be Crazy which had fans on the edge of their seat in the last inning. With One Hit Wonders with a lead of 13-7, Pitches Be Crazy had one last at-bat and with many thinking the game was ended. Pitches Be Crazy had a great run as they were able to come back with some great hits and were able to tie the game to finish the game with a tie.



The season is getting heated and should be a great second half of the season.




Tony Martinez


Week Three is here at TM! As we approach the halfway mark of the season; teams look to leave their mark on the first half of the season.



Our first game of the evening put Team Turn Up against I’d Hit That. These are both some of the top teams here at TM so this was an absolute battle! I’d Hit That struck first, but Team Turn Up had a response. I’d Hit That had a huge third inning where they were able to get a four-run lead! Team Turn up needed two runs to keep playing, but were unsuccessful. They would fall to I’d Hit That by a score of 7-6.



Next up we had the Whack Attack take on Plan B. Whack Attack came out swinging today! They were taking every pitch and they were finding all the gaps in the defense. They would cruise to a 14-5 victory.




Next up we had Beers and Pitches take on We Do The Sports! Both teams came in needing a win and to try and get things rolling. At the end of the day, We Do the Sports were able to come out on top of this one by a score of 12-3.




Next up we had Hold My D look to keep things rolling against the Alcoballics. Hold My D still hasn’t lost a regular-season game in the past few seasons so they were looking to keep their streak rolling here. They started off slow on the offensive side of things, but thankfully their defense wasn’t playing around today. They would allow zero and bring in seven of their own to keep the streak rolling.



Next up we had the game of the night. Tanks took on Ice Cold Pitchers in a complete battle! This game was back and forth the entire way with neither team able to take advantage. ICP would score, and Tanks would respond with a run of their own. We would have our first tie of the season here, as the score would end at six runs a piece.



We also had some Social games here this afternoon! Earlier in the day, we had the Damn Champions take on Master Batters. The Damn Champs weren’t messing around today. After a slow start, they were finally able to get things rolling in the third, where they found a majority of their offensive production. They were able to cruise to a 13-4 victory.



Here 4 Da Beer would take on Vatos Locos in a defensive battle!  Vatos Locos jumped out to an early lead, but you can never quite count out Here 4 Da Beer. They were able to get the ball rolling in the last inning. They were down two runs and needed to get those to keep playing. They were able to bring in four and needed some defensive stops to hold onto the win. With Vatos Locos’ final AB, they were able to bring in one run, but not the second one they needed to tie it. They would fall to Da Beer by a score of 9-8.



Our final game of the evening put Cash Me Outside against the Ballapenos. The Ballapenos are an old regular here out TM so it was nice to see some familiar faces! Ballapenos were on fire today! They made some great defensive stops and their bats could not have been better. They would cruise to a 15-1 victory.