Bat-tastic Pitches! (Monday’s)


Bat Asses


With storms looming to the south and a small wind coming in from the north, it made for a great Monday night at Rusty Lyons.



After a nice victory last week, Rudy Brought Beer was once again in the spotlight, but this time they were on the receiving end of the spotlight team. That belongs to the Bat Asses, who always show up in force whether it’s on the scoreboard or with the amount of coolers they bring. Monday night they came out and showed off both their social and their softball skills, taking this game to the limit against a very good Rudy Brought Beer team.


After picking up a solo run in the top of the first inning, Bat Asses were quickly put in a hole with a three spot in the bottom half, courtesy of Rudy Brought Beer. That’s when Bat Asses found a groove and strung together a plethora of hits that enabled them to tie the game then take the lead on the back of a seven run inning. This was quickly undone as Rudy Brought Beer showed off their own run producing skills by scoring four runs to tie the game. With the intensity clearly high, Bat Asses did everything they could to squeeze out every possible run in the top of the third inning. This all-out effort let them a three more runs to reestablish the lead, but once again they had to fight off a pesky never say die Rudy Brought Beer team who responded with a pair of runs to cut the deficit to just one run. The end of the third inning brought an ending to this flood of runs as both teams got shut out in the fourth inning. Bat Asses stroked across a solo insurance run in the top of the fifth and fought off a desperate effort from Rudy Brought Beer to capture the win and send Rudy Brought Beer packing as a rain started to fall.



We’re halfway through the season and the race for the playoffs will be in the homestretch to see which teams will separate themselves to prove they are playoff worthy.