Bat-tistas! (Monday’s)


Rudy Brought Beer


Week two brought out the strange and eerie on Halloween night at Rusty Lyons. We even had an appearance from some caped crusaders on Field Two; these vigilantes in the form of Rudy Brought Beer. They took on a Stirista, a team known for terrorizing the good people of Rusty Lyons with their powerful bats, sleek field work and their blinding, bright blue shirts. The “H” and the “V” stood for more than just home and visitor in this game; this was heroes versus villains and there could only be one winner…barring a tie of course, which also happened on field one later in the evening.

After shutting out Stirista in the top of the first, Rudy Brought Beer used their special abilities to power across six runs. Perhaps it was their costumes, perhaps it was that special elixir in a 12oz can, we can only speculate, but they enjoyed some great early success at the plate and on the bases. Stirista, not fazed by such colorful characters, used their stealth and precision hitting to mount a response in the top of the second inning as they scattered four runs to cut the deficit to a pair of runs. Knocked back but definitely not knocked out of this fight, Rudy Brought Beer showed resolve against their adversary by scoring three runs in the bottom half of the second inning to extend their lead and in the top of the third inning; a big red cape appeared on the mound. Like a closer pronouncing his presence as he enters the field from the bullpen, he entered the mound and made a very loud statement with his appearance alone although he shouldn’t be confused with a certain mild mannered coordinator also in red who is always saving the day and making Rusty Lyons safe for players to play. This closer held the high powered attack of Stirista who tried every trick in the book and their utility belts to just one run over the final two frames, ending the threat and the game as Rudy Brought Beer triumphed over their opponent and celebrated as victors do with a toast and some treats.



We all hope everyone enjoyed a good and safe Halloween! Cheers!