Bats and Balls! (Monday’s)

Suicide Squad


Week Three is upon us here at Rusty Lyons! We had some games tonight where teams came out looking to state their claim at the top of the league!


Our first game put Wii Not Fit up against the Tequila Slammers. Wii turned out to be very fit, as they were able to slam Tequila by a score of 14 to 1.


Next up we had Slap A Pitch look to keep their hot streak rolling against Pitches and Throws. They were placing their shots with accuracy and making some super defensive plays. They were able to take this one with ease; by a final of 17 to 1.


Next up in our game of the evening; we had the Suicide Squad take on Don’t Make Me Hit a Pitch. This game was back and forth the entire way, but Suicide Squad was finally able to break the tie in the closing innings. They would go on to an 11-8 victory.


Our final game of the evening put the Pain Balls up against Sharp Glass. Sharp Glass was able to use their speed and capitalize on some great hits. They were able to sprint their way to a 12-5 W over the Pain Balls.