Bats and Balls! (Sunday’s)

Tony Martinez


Bomb Squad


Welcome back to another week of softball here at Tony Martinez! Another day, another great time!
Our first game put ICP up against Straight Outta Softball. ICP jumped out to an early lead but Straight Outta Softball wasn’t going down easy. They were able to score some runs in their final two innings, but fell short. ICP would hold on by a score of 4 to 2.
Next up we had Bomb Squad take on No Glove No Love. Bomb Squad were able to keep their winning ways rolling this afternoon, taking advantage of the gaps in the defense and using their athleticism to take an easy 9 to 4 victory.
Our third game put the Tanks up against I’ve Got Friends on Loaded Bases. IGF is one of our new teams out here at Tony Martinez and they are a ton of fun! They come out to play some sports and drink some beers and they did just that! Since they are a new team, however, they still need some time to work off the rust. Tanks were able to use their experience to take the victory by a score of 16 to 7.
Next up, the Suicide Squad took on Here 4 Da Beer. Looking to bounce back from their summer box office flop, they came out swinging and running this afternoon. They jumped out to an early lead and didn’t look back today. They would take this one by a score of 5 to 3.
Next up, we had the unusually quiet Hold My D take on Kohl’s Crew. Hold My D were able to get things rolling early and often, finding the gaps in the defense and holding their errors to a minimum. They would take this one easy by a score of 16 to 1.
The final game put I’d Hit That up against Just the Tip. This was a close game the entire way! Just the Tip were down 4-0 in the final inning. They were able to get the bases loaded, but couldn’t find the winning swing. They were able to get two runs across, but couldn’t seal the deal. They would fall by a score of 4-2.



Rusty Lyons




It was a very interesting Week Two of softball at Rusty Lyons on a Sunday as many games were amazing to watch. In the Social Division, we had a great game between Paper Champions and Scoregasms who are plenty familiar with each other. Paper Champions had a large lead against the Scoregasms, but the Scoregasms never gave up and were able to have two very impressive late innings to come away with the win with a score of 6-4 against the defending champs. Scoregasms remain the only undefeated team in the Social Division, but it’s a long season and anything can happen.


In the Bud Light Division, Ballapenos and Ain’t Nobody got Time for That remain the only teams in the division to be undefeated. We had a great game between Master Batters and Thunderstruck who really showed their defensive skill on the diamond as they both battled back and forth to at least score one run an inning. It was a low scoring game, but you saw some great plays between these two as no winner was decided as they finished the game in a tie. In the Michelob Ultra Division we have Cobras and Wasted Talent remain as the only undefeated teams. Many teams in the Michelob Ultra Division had some big games as many games ended in very bad defeats as many teams are still trying to find there groove on the diamond, but next week is another week and things can sure turnaround for many teams.