Bats and Deep Bombs (Sunday’s)


First game of the night was a social highlight. There was a forfeit which led to a chance for a scrimmage. A team of umpires, players and fans were put together and had a great time. It was hot but everyone enjoyed it.


There were some fun games tonight starting with Bomb Squad vs Hold My D. This one was close for a while and Hold My D was on the winning side. However, in 1 at bat that all changed. With the bases loaded, Bomb Squad hit a Grand Slam to take a big lead and never look back. Hold My D tried to make a late run but came up short.

Last game of the night was Ballapenos vs Orange Crush. This was a great game, as both teams went back and forth trying to get ahead. The bats were flying in this one, with lots of doubles and triples and runs being scored. It was Ballapenos in the last inning that took the lead and held on for a 15-13 victory.