Big Hitters! (Sunday’s)


Cowboys Dancehall


It was an interesting Sunday of Softball at Rusty Lyons as the weather had some effect on some of the games as rain delays occurred, but did not stop teams from coming to play on the diamond.



The Damn Champions remain undefeated as they were tested against Ballapenos, but Damn Champions showed why they are the best team in the league with a 6-0 victory. Beer Thirty and No Glove No Love had a very close game that had scoring exchanges every inning with both defenses struggling to make some stops. It was a high scoring game between these two, but Beer Thirty was able to pull away with the win with a 16-12 victory. We had a very close game between Cowboys Dancehall and Balls to the Wall as they had everyone on the edge of their seats with a very close game. Both teams showed great batting performances. Cowboys Dancehall, though, was able to pull out the win by stopping Balls to the Wall in the very last inning with a victory of 10-9.



As the temperatures cool down, make sure to plan accordingly! Best of luck to all of our teams!