Can’t Bat These Balls! (Tuesday’s)

Every Tuesday is a good Tuesday for Week Five softball at Monterrey Park!



As the season moves towards the finale, we had two pretty exciting games tonight. Our first featured the league-leading, Slappadabase, taking on the Hit Squad. The Hit Squad has been heating up the past couple of weeks, but would cool off today due to the high intensity and placement of Slappadabase. Slappadabase were able to do that a couple of times and would breeze their way to an 11 to 4 victory. Next up, we had Accenture take on the Pitch Slappers. This game started off neck and neck and was a close contest. Was. Accenture had a solid third inning and was able to get their bats going, and not stop. They would bring in five runs in their final AB and be able to get three outs before the Slappers could succeed in the comeback. Accenture wins this one by a score of 9 to 3.




Everyone bring your A-game as we head into the final week! Remember, regardless of where you fall in the standings, everyone plays a game in Week Seven! Stay tuned for details!