Champions Crowned! (Sunday’s)

Rusty Lyons

The Rusty Lyons teams do a great job setting up camps around shaded areas at the fields.  They brings their entire families and friends and barbecue and drink and have music and a great time all around for everyone!  This week was even better because it was playoffs and it was Father’s Day and teams hung out all day long.


Social Champs One Team, One Bed

One Team One Bed


Sunday Softball Playoffs at Rusty Lyons turned out to be a nice ending to the season. In the Social Division we had Alpha Q start off with a huge victory over Minimum Wagers 14-0 sending Alpha Q to play One Team One Bed, this is surely the team to beat to win a title, but they weren’t going away easily, this one was close but One Team One Bed held on to a 4-3 victory to get into the championship game. Sons of Pitches also found themselves in the championship game after a forfeit by Slightly Above Average who did not show up for their game. In the Social Championship One Team One Bed showed why they are the team to beat, they play solid defense with no mistakes and are capable of manufacturing runs when needed. Your Social Championship team is One Team One Bed winning 9-4. Congratulations!


Super Social Champs Halfnutz


In the Super Social Playoffs we had a number of teams make a statement for this season and next.  Master Blasters set the tone early with their victory over Tanks 10-4, Pitch You Be Trippin also won 10-9 in a close matchup against Here 4 Beer. Breaking Bats made it to the second round by beating DirtyBallers 9-4. In the second round, things got very interesting. Ballapenos came out ready to win the whole thing and defeated Breaking Bats 9-4, while Swingers were swinging for the fences and it paid off in their victory 13-7 over Pitch You Be Trippin. Halfnutz stepped in and brought their offense to Sexy Pitches 16-4 and they got the attention of everyone watching as the team to beat to win the title. But that wasn’t going to happen tonight as Halfnutz scored all night long totaling 42 runs to win themselves a Super Social Championship and set themselves up to compete at the Social level next season.

Thanks to everyone who came out this season for making it a memorable one and a blast! See everyone next season at Rusty Lyons!