Champions of the Diamond Crowned! (Friday’s)

The playoffs have come and the first champion of 2017 Friday season has been crowned.  A beautiful night weather wise was the perfect host to a series of good games.


Bad News Beers and Pitches Be Crazy started off the evening in an impressive display of offense. Pitches Be Crazy started the game at bat and unleashed a torrent of runs, putting up seven. Although they would give up three in the bottom of the inning, they were still well positioned to take the win. That was until Bad News Beers came up to bat in the second. They were able to score seven of their own to take a 10-8 lead. Although Pitches Be Crazy would score again in the third inning, all of the runs took their tole on the clock and Bad News Beers were able to run out the time in the bottom of the third while scoring four runs.


As a reward, they got to face Sons of Pitches for the right to face McGlovin in the finals. It was a rematch from last week and Beers was hoping to get the win when it really mattered. However, their defensive problems that popped up in the previous game crept their way into this one. A seven run third inning blew the game wide open for Sons of Pitches and they were able to walk away 14-5 victors.


That set up a finals match up between McGlovin and Sons of Pitches who played to a 13 all tie in their Week One match-up. This time there could be no tie. McGlovin looked to take control of the game early by scoring four, however they were unable make those runs hold up as Sons of Pitches answered with three of their own. That was the story for most of the game, McGlovin would score runs and Pitches would strike right back with a counter. Entering the bottom of the final inning McGlovin held an 8-6 lead. They managed to get two outs at the expense of allowing runners on base. That would come back to haunt them as a female batter drove in the tying run. McGloving now had to hope for extra innings but a walk to a male batter with a female on deck walked in the game winning run to make Sons of Pitches the champions.


At the same time Ice Cold Pitchers and Bonverse Briminals battled to see if either of them would end the season with a victory. Ice Cold Pitchers came out determined from the first pitch and jumped out to a 7-0 lead. They added nine more in the second en route to a 16-6 victory and their first W of the season!