Final Stretch! (Sunday’s)


I’ve Got Friends in Loaded Bases


It was great weather on Sunday with some great games on the Diamonds over at Rusty Lyons!



Ballapenos and Pitches be Crazy had one of the best games on the Social Division side, as they both battled on the defensively. Both teams exchanged lead changes all game, but simple errors by Pitches be Crazy cost them the game as Ballapenos pulled out the win with a 10-7 victory. The Damn Champions continue to dominate in the division with a victory over Balls Deep with a score of 15-1. In the Super Social Division, we had some close games and teams finally finding their chemistry on the diamond. No Glove No Love against Money Ballers was very close game as it came down to the final inning. No Glove No Love was down 8-7, but they were able to score a game winner in the last inning and earn a 9-7. Next game between I’ve Got Friends on Loaded Bases against Balls to the Wall was another close game that came down to the last inning, as I’ve got Friends on Loaded Bases who were able to pull off the win by walks which kept Balls to the Wall from winning.



Two more weeks left of the season, so the most important time for teams to look ahead into the coming weeks!