Final Week! (Friday’s)

Bad News Beers


The end of the season has come and gone and the playoffs await. Week Six offered up a series of mostly one sided games, perhaps teams not wanting to show off their skills before next weeks championship runs.


The night started off with McGlovin having to hold off a late rally by Pitches Be Crazy.  McGlovin seemed to have worked themselves into a comfortable lead, however in the final inning, Crazy went on a little bit of a run. They scored six in the inning to make the score 14-9.


Softballs and Hardsticks also had themselves a huge final inning against Ice Cold Pitchers. For them however it was used to secure their lead on the game. A big eight-run inning established their dominance and allowed them to emerge with a 16-6 win.


The final game of the night may turn out to be a playoff preview as Bad News Beers and Sons of Pitches squared off.  Bad News Beers embodied the Patty’s Day spirit with flashing glasses and stickers.  And maybe, just maybe, a few cold beverages. Sons of Pitches had a bit more serious approach and it showed in the scoreline. With a 13-4 Pitches secured the number spot for the playoffs. Bad News Beers, who already had made the playoffs, will look to dish out some revenge next week.