Final Week! (Friday’s)

The final night at Rusty Lyons, REMINDER WE ARE MOVING TO SKIPPER NEXT WEEK, started out with a defensive battle between teams at the opposite ends of the standings. The Other Guys and Bruised and Battered both struggled to move runners around the bases as the defenses stepped up when they were needed the most. While each team was able to score a 1-1 tie was all of the offensive highlights that could be mustered.


A team that didn’t have any problems with the bats was McGlovin. During their two games, they were able to score 27 runs which were more than enough for them to win both. Also winning both of their games was Fluff and Tuff, but their games were much much closer. In their first game against Pitches be Crazy they scored four in the final inning and then allowed six to Pitches. Six was just enough for Fluff to emerge with a 10-9 win. Their second game was a bit more comfortable for them. Playing against Smokin Bases Fluff and Tuff was able to score 13 runs while giving up seven, an improvement on both ends.


As the season continues just a reminder that Skipper has a red cup rule, no exposed alcohol.