Hittin’ the Cycle! (Sunday’s – Tony Martinez)

High Risk

High Risk



Welcome back to the second half of the season here at Tony Martinez! As this season starts to wind down, the action was still heavy as usual!

Our first game put High Risk up against the Suicide Squad. High Risk was able to get the bats swinging early and often in this match. They would swing their way to a 15-2 victory.

Next up we had Ice Cold Pitchers take on the Master Batters. Ice were red hot this game; finding the holes in the defense and running the bases with ease. Final score in this match was 15-0.

Our next game featured the battle of the undefeated! Thunderstruck would take on Hold My D in a fight for first place. Hold My D struck first. They were able to put up a three run inning and jump out to an early lead. However, Thunderstruck didn’t go down that easy. Thanks to some errors from Hold my D, they were able to score six runs in an inning and would hold the lead till the final inning. Final score 6-3.

Our fourth game of the evening put the Outlawz up against the Justice League. This game was back and forth the entire time and neither team was able to take advantage of anything. This game came down to the final inning, where Justice League was unable to get that extra run that they wanted. This would go down as a tie; score 6 to 6.

Bomb squad looked to keep things rolling up against Beers and Pitches. Beers and Pitches had to play a person down which really caused them some pain. Bomb Squad was able to find the gap and took full advantage of what they were given. They would take this game with ease by a score of 10-0.

Our last game of the evening put Hold My D up against everyone’s favorite 2:00pm team, the Scoregasms. Scoregasms started off slow, but were finally able to get things rolling. Once they started they couldn’t stop. They took this game with ease, winning by a score of 12 to 3 and were able to hold at the top of the league.