If You Can’t Stand the Heat (Sunday’s)


Another hot hot day gave way to some good softball.  Teams were all ready to come out, play some softball and then retreat to the comfort of their ac.

Neither I’d Hit That or No Glove No Love wanted to lose when they met for their week 3 game.  Both teams brought their offense but perhaps could have used some ground ball practice.  No Glove No Love had the early lead with an impressive 7 run max inning. I’d Hit That made their comeback adding 5 of their own.  Yet the home team No Glove No Love was able to ride out the final inning while at bat for a 13-9 win.

Slightly Above Average suffered the same fate when they took on Benchwarmers.  They found themselves down in the final inning despite some clutch at bats.  With Benchwarmers in the lead, the bottom of the final inning proved unnecessary as they would win 9-8.