Just Try to Catch My Flying Balls! (Thursday’s)


Rusty’s Legends


Our second week of Thursday night softball had some great games and many teams show playoff potential with some great at bats and defense. First game of the night we had Softball & Hardsticks face off against Left Field Angels. It was back and forth lead change as both teams were hitting very well. Left Field Angels took an early 2-1 lead by the bottom of the first inning, but Softball & Hardsticks finished very strong in the fourth inning with six runs to win the game 9-7.


Bad news Beers gave the defending champs, Rusty’s Legends, a run for their money as Bad News Beers exchanged hits with Rusty’s Legends all game. But Rusty’s Legends still showing potential to repeat this season as they pulled away in the fourth inning and took the victory, 9-5. With four weeks remaining, no one’s lead looks safe and this league looks to be completely up for grabs with some many potential contenders! Make sure to join us each week to see how it all folds out this season!