Master Batters! (Monday’s)


Top Golf


After enjoying a nice from the holiday, teams returned to the diamond to once again face each other in spirited competition!


After finally getting the deal done, the good folks of Top Golf received their royal blue shirts and with some spirited fans, went to work against the seasoned Jerks who were looking to build on their Week One win. Right away, the Jerks set out to show Top Golf how things get done at Rusty Lyons with a solo run in the bottom half of the first inning to score the game’s first run. With the first inning jitters out of the way, Top Golf used their club swinging skills (never a bad thing to work at a place that literally advocates swinging at a ball; just saying) to break open their scoring with a pair of runs to take the lead. The Jerks battled back to tie the game in the bottom half, then the bats fell silent for an inning. But then both teams scored two run apiece in the fourth matching each other like two champions in a title fight. The fifth inning came around and that’s when the wheels fell off for the Jerks. Top Golf exploded for a maximum nine runs with timely hits and capitalizing on the Jerks errors to take a commanding nine run lead and made so much noise, teams on the other field turned their head to see what was going on. The Jerks managing only one run in response ran out of time as Top Golf in the most enthusiastic fashion celebrated their first win bringing their record to .500.