Midway Point! (Sunday’s)

Tony Martinez


Ice Cold Pitchers


Week Three is here at Tony Martinez! This marks the halfway point of the season so teams came out with a winning mindset.
Our first game of the afternoon put the Bomb Squad up against I’ve Got Friends. Friends is one of our new teams out here at TM and are still working on building a winning chemistry. Bomb Squad used their experience to bomb their way to a 16-1 victory.
Next up we had Ice Cold Pitchers take on No Glove No Love. Ice Cold has been in a rut to start the season, but they were finally able to get things rolling. They used their speed and defense to earn a 17 to 2 win.
Next up we had the Suicide Squad take on Kohl’s Crew. This game was a defensive battle! Both teams were making great catches and smart throws. In the end, the Suicide Squad was able to take advantage of some errors from Kohl’s Crew and earn the victory by a score of 4 to 0.
Our next game put Hold My D up against I’d Hit That. Hold My D got off to an early lead, but I’d Hit That wasn’t going down so easily. They attempted the final inning comeback, but the lead was too much. Their comeback bid would fall short, giving Hold My D the win by a score of 10-7.
Our final game of the evening put Just the Tip up against Here 4 da Beer. Both teams came in needing the victory, but in the end Just the Tip would take the final win for the day. They came out swinging and playing some solid defense. Final score of this game was 4 to 3.



Rusty Lyons


Wasted Talent


We are midway through the season and we have many teams finding their groove on the diamond. This intense competition shows that it’s anyone’s game when the playoffs and nothing will be certain.


In the Social division, we have both Scoregasms and Paper Champions continue to battle for the #1 spot in their division. In the Bud Light Division we have Ballapenos and Aint Nobody got Time for Dat who remain undefeated in the division. Balllapenos, definitely a team to watch for as their batting performance has been very impressive, faced the Smokin Base’s defense and were able to find the gaps in between the defense. Ballapenos scored a total of 12 runs and played enough defense to stop Smokin Bases to six runs. Many teams in the Bud Light division are still in the running for a playoff spot as many teams only one game away from being a top contender.


In the Michelob Division we have the Cobras and Wasted Talent who remain undefeated as well. But Wasted Talent was tested against 99 Problems who went back and forth, scoring every inning with different lead changes. But Wasted Talent came out with the W and a 7-5 victory. Going into the second half of the season many teams have a chance to make a run for the playoffs.  Good luck to all of our teams!