No Glove, No Love! (Thursday’s)


Bad News Beers


Thursday night softball had some great close games as many teams are fighting for a playoff spot this season. The defending champs, Rusty’s Legends, remain undefeated as they look like they are the team to take down in the playoffs. Though, it won’t be easy as their batting skills are on point.



First game of the night we had a swinging battle between Lowe’s Spartans and GMG IV Leaguers, as both teams exchanged runs inning after inning. Both teams had little difficulty generating offense. Despite the good hitting, no team was able to separate itself from the other and this high scoring offense ended in a tie, 15-15. Both teams show that they will be a threat in the playoffs with their batting ability.



We had another great game between Hittin’ it Hard and Bad News Beers who also had a great batting performance as both teams exchanged lead changes. Bad News Beers had a great first inning as they were able to score nine runs, but Hittin’ it Hard did not give up as they fought back each inning. Despite the valiant effort, they fell short by one run as they lost 14-13.



One week remains of the regular and many teams will be fighting for that last playoff spot so expect some close games next week!