Opening Week! (Monday’s)

After a mini offseason, softball was back in action at Rusty Lyons and we welcomed back many familiar faces including defending champs, Slap a Pitch, who picked up where they left off with a hard fought win against a very tough Bat Asses team who look like they may be an elite presence this season.

This night however belonged to a team that truly represents the mission of the SASSC. The Swingers are a team of free agents brought together from their common love of the game. Some have never played softball before and some are returning players from past seasons. Despite not being besties with each other, it’s more than likely they will be by season’s end. Well, the new bffs were undermanned for opening night with six gentlemen and two ladies, but nonetheless, that was enough to take the field. Their opponent, the Jerks, returned hoping to improve upon last season’s results. Both teams started off cold as they felt each other out, but then things opened up on the base paths. Back and forth they went and with the odds in the Jerks’ favor, they tried their best to overwhelm the Swingers who showed great resilience as they stayed put runs across the plate, capitalizing on cardinal mistakes committed by the Jerks. The Swingers were undermanned but definitely not overwhelmed as they provided the first upset of the season over the Jerks. Cheers!