Opening Week! (Sunday’s)

Tony Martinez

Beers and Pitches


While the first week at Skipper started out a little slow it ended with literal fireworks as teams battled not just their opposition for a win on the field but perhaps for a spot in the parking lot.
Our second game of the day saw the Tanks come back in the final inning against Beer Thirty. After having to start their game with a bare eight players Tanks were able to pick up the win with a five-run final inning to win 8-6.

8-6 was also the score line between Goon Squad and Sit On My Base. Sadly for Sit on My Base, their three run final inning was not enough for them to close the gap between them and Goon Squad and they came up just short.

Fiesta fireworks made for a vibrant as Los Haz-MAts took on Beers & Pitches. The fireworks may have been celebrating the offensive showing put on by both teams as they combined to score 34 runs! Beers offense is looking quite put together as they put up an astounding 23 to their opponents 11.




Rusty Lyons

Tune Squad


Welcome to the brand new Spring II season of softball at Rusty Lyons on Sundays! We would like to begin by welcoming new faces to our SSC family, and we’re excited to have so many veterans and familiar faces returning!



We’ll just right into the action! This season, we have two divisions, the Bud Light and the Michelob. Both divisions saw some great actions, so here’s your recap:



Ball Busters stayed true to their name as they had the strongest offense this afternoon as they put up a league high 19 runs today! Not only did they have a potent offense, they also sport a stingy defense that only let up five runs! Meanwhile, The Pregamers and Halfnutz showed their defensive talent as they both pitched shutouts today.



We had one tie today between Pimp My Slide and Legends of Ball. This one would be competitive all the way through, but neither team could get that single run. This will have interesting playoff implications! Lastly, our closest game of the afternoon came between Tune Squad and Ball Strokers. Only one run would differentiate the two, 10-9. This one would tilt in Tune’s favor.