Pitches Be Crazy! (Monday’s)


Pitch Intense


Reaching the halfway point in the season teams can now look forward to the latter half of the season, where the elite will separate themselves from the pack as they vie for the top seeds in the playoffs. With the fields looking better than ever thanks to the city’s renovations, teams enjoyed the best playing conditions yet.

This week we highlight the surprise team so far this season with Pitch Intense. After a lackluster season in the summer, they changed their moniker to a delightful pun that plays right into our league philosophy. These guys and gals enjoy a good time no matter the outcome of the game, historically their good time comes after a loss but this season they are enjoying good times during and post-game as well. Their opponent this week was Thunderstruck(best intro song ever!). Right away things started off hot with Thunderstruck rumbling a solo run across the plate in the top of the first to break open the scoring and things looked good early. Pitch Intense starting let Thunderstruck know they got some hot bats too and they put up a pair of runs to get a crooked number on the scoreboard. The two teams weren’t exactly Gold Glovers on the field or silver sluggers at the plate but they sure made for some dramatic moments nonetheless. After matching each other with a single run each in the second they matched each other again with four runs apiece in the third! With the intensity at high levels and time beginning to be a factor, Pitch Intense stopped Thunderstruck in the top of the fourth inning and followed that up with two runs then safely celebrated as time expired on the game to improve to 2-1 on the season and with plenty of cold ones left in the cooler, they had plenty to toast to and can look forward to next week and can begin to eye the playoffs. Cheers!