Playoff Push! (Monday’s)


Dirty Dozen


Entering the final week of the regular season at Rusty Lyons, teams were given one last chance to make or break their season. With many records being so close, most teams on the bubble had to play all-star level softball to grab a coveted playoff spot. When the dust settled, some teams were left on the outside looking in while others are invited to the October dance next week. With the partners yet to be determined, teams can bite their nails in the meantime while the seeds are plugged and the bracket is set for next week.

With field one being recently flooded due to a pipe burst behind first base, the game between Top Golf and Dirty Dozen was moved to field two that was available thanks to a Pitch Intense forfeit. As for the game, Top Golf desperately needed the win to improve their playoffs chances significantly, while Dirty Dozen were looking to lock in one of the top seeds in next week’s playoffs. Right away both teams set out to prove their playoff worth with some dynamic offense which definitely made this game not one for the softball purist. The top of the first saw Top Golf show off their incredible speed and athleticism rounding the bases and throwing a six spot on the scoreboard before Dirty Dozen knew what happened. With the third out finally in the books, Dirty Dozen returned the favor in the bottom half of the inning not looking phased at all by the early deficit. They responded with five runs of the own to show Top Golf why they are a contender and quickly close the gap to just one run. Continuing their success at the plate, Top Golf ramped up the offense again to race around the bases, capitalizing on some mistakes committed by Dirty Dozen adding seven runs to outdo their first inning total and take a commanding lead. Least it would be safe against most teams. Dirty Dozen stepped into the batter’s box with time starting to be a factor to cut into the deficit if not take the lead. The end result was a marathon around the bases to a tune of the maximum nine runs to overtake Top Golf with a one run lead. Now with time being expired, Top Golf had to get a run to at least tie, no problem right? As it so happens Dirty Dozen had a perfect inning because after maxing out at nine runs they executed a shutdown inning to end their regular season on a high note and putting themselves in prime position for the post season next week.


One team will own October next week, but the big question is who will be. As we all know, anything can and usually does happen in October out on the diamond. Until next week social clubbers…cheers!