Playoffs! (Tuesday’s)

Playoff night is here at Monterrey! The previous six weeks have culminated in this battle between the top four teams to bring out the king of Tuesday softball!


Our first game put Slappadabase up against HITT. Slappadabase would enter tonight as the only undefeated team in the league. They would look to keep it that way and leave with the title of champion. They started off hot against HITT, bringing in 14 runs in the first two innings. HITT showed a little bit of fight, but the initial deficit was too much. Slappadabase would advance by a score of 15 to 7.


Our second round put the Oilers up against Accenture. Accenture started off with a short team which hurt them in the beginning. The Oilers took full advantage in the start of the game, but shut down once Accenture became a full team. Unfortunately, it was too little too late, as Oilers would advance to the championship by a score of 9-5.


The championship stage was set. Slappadabase would take on the Oilers which turned out to be a close contest! Slappadabase started off strong, bringing in seven and only allowing two. The Oilers, however, were finally able to get things pumping in the later innings. They would take the lead going into the final inning and were up by four. Slappadabase needed four runs before three outs. They were able to get one across but couldn’t find the gaps they so desperately needed. Their perfect season would end, as they fell to the Oilers by a score of 11-8. Congratulations Oilers!



As always, we want to extend a big thank you to all of our great teams and spectators! Each of you made this an awesome season, and we can’t wait to do it all again soon!