Rusty Lyons Champions! (Thursday’s)

Big Sticks


Thursday playoffs at Rusty Lyons were definitely one for the books as all teams showed up to play on the diamond, even under cold weather conditions.


Undefeated Big Sticks showed up for their first game to dominate against The Outfield as they rolled to a 16-7 victory and into the semifinals. Here, they would face the Pitch Slappers, who were on a hot streak in the regular season. Pitch Slappers were able to give Big Sticks a good game, but only in the first two innings as Big Sticks’ females had some great hits to pull away with a 15-8 victory. On the other side of the bracket, we had Wii Not Fit dominate against Quit YourPitchin and Bad News Beers to make to the Championship to face Big Sticks.


Given the conditions and the elements, we knew this game would be tough for both sides. Big Sticks and Wii Not Fit both have great offenses, but you could tell that both were a bit uneasy. Big Sticks finally got in going and then continued to have some big hits to pull away with the Championship with a  15-7 victory.


Congratulations to Big Sticks on a great season and all teams for some great games. We also would like to extend a big thank you to all of our great teams and spectators! We can’t wait until next year to do it all again, so check the SASSC website for registration details!