Social Superstars (Monday’s)


Chugaholics set the social scene all night, as they were the first team out to the field and the last to leave it. They were grilling and hanging up until their 9:30pm game.


As the regular season begins to come to a close, teams looked to hold on to their spot or improve on their first four weeks of game time.

Some notable performances this week included Tequila Slammers, as they were able to dismantle the Suicide Squad in a show of their offensive force. They would win by a score of 16 to 1. Kremlin Krawlerz were also able to get a huge win over the Mother Frakerz as they were able to swing their way to a 14 to 1 victory. The SA Bullies bullied the Bombers, with a 14 run barrage that seemed like it was never going to end. Hit for Brains took down Out of the Office by a score of 14 to 5. Week 5 victors were unanimously offensive.