Softball Championship Night…..A Goatsuckin’ Squeaker!!




Yes….these are your ASSC Social Softball Champs…… Goatsuckers!……..who seem more interested in what’s in this dude shorts than looking at the camera! Either way, they proved ready for the night’s championship challenge Thursday night at Southeast Metro Park.

The Social Final came down to Goatsuckers vs Softball Team for all the marbles. Softball Team had to first get by at Winning! to reach the championship platform. Goatsuckers racked up a sweet 16 against Winning’s 6 to easily move to the finals.

The game was tight all the way through with runs matching runs for both sides. End of regulation saw a tie and we’re headed into extra innings…..this is what it’s all about! The Goatsuckers put up some strong offense in the bottom of the 6th to tie the game with time expiring.  The Softball team made a run but couldn’t quite squeeze a runner across with outstanding web gem defense from the Goatsuckers…….check out the ESPN highlights for this one!

Bottom of the 7th and Goatsuckers has a chance to win it all…….the pitch is in……crack of the bat……final run scores for the 12-11 win! What a game and what a win for the Goatsuckers!

In the Super Social League finals, Sultans of Swat took on We’ve Got the Runs. Both teams made easy going of their earlier games to reach the finals but Sultans took it to the Runs 14 to 1…….nice job for the Super Social Championship win!

Lots of tailgating all night with the usual sportsmanship and support for all the teams still in it. Craftsman helped cap off another great season and night of championship softball!

Let’s do it all again next week for the Fall Season opener!