Softball Returns! (Sunday’s)

Rusty Lyons

The Damn Champions SBE


It was a great day for softball at Rusty Lyons as many teams came out to play for our first new season of 2017! Many new faces joined us this season, and each will look to make an immediate impact in the hunt for a championship. One new team was Motha Sluggas in the Super Social Division who had two big wins in one day with a 14-2 victory over The Swingers and against Sit on my Base, 16-2 victory.



We also had a good game in the Super Social Division that did end in a tie but was a high scoring game between Pour another Round against Pitches be Crazy, which had all fans on the edge of their seats. In the last inning Pour Another Round was down 10-5, but went on a big nine-run rampage that would put them up 14-10! At this point, everyone thought the game was over, but Pitches be Crazy did not give up as they also tried to manufacture their own streak. Today, though, they would fall short of securing the victory, but it would be enough to come away with a 14-14 tie. We expect to see both teams in the playoffs as they are both very competitive teams. In the Social Divison, Damn Champions is continuing to dominate once again as they had a good victory against One Team One Bed with a victory, 7-4.



It will be one exciting season to start the year with many competitive teams ready to play and ready to play for a championship.



Tony Martinez

The Tanks


Welcome back to SSC Softball here at Tony Martinez! After a few months off, teams were back and ready to get into the swing of things! Welcome to all of our first timers here! We are glad you are here and hope you enjoy your first season out here!

Our first game of the afternoon put the Alcoballics up against We Do the Sports. The Alcoballics came out swinging in this one, jumping out to an early lead and finding all of the gaps in the defense. They were able to hold WDTS to 5 runs; while scoring 9. They would get their first win of the season under their belt with a 9-5 victory.


Next up we had Ice Cold Pitchers take on I’d Hit That. Both of these teams have been playing for awhile here at TM so there was a lot of anticipation coming into this game. I’d Hit That were doing just what their name implies; they were finding all the gaps in the outfield and taking advantage of their placements with some great base running. Ice Cold Pitchers were unable to get anything going today; as the week one rust was too much to shake off. I’d Hit That would go on to win this one by a score of 12 to 1.


Next up we had Team Turn Up take on Beers & Pitches. These are also some of our returning teams from previous seasons. Team Turn Up started hot, but cooled down by the fourth inning. Thankfully their defense was solid as they would earn their first win of the new season by a score of 7 to 2.


Next up, the clowns of Hold My D took on Plan B. Hold My D was unstoppable today! Their bats were on fire and their plays on the defensive side were even better. They would cruise to an 18 to 0 victory.


Our final game of the day put the Tanks up against Whack Attack. The Tanks came out bombing, bringing 15 runs in their first two at-bats! Whack Attack struggled to find their groove until the fourth inning, but by that time the Tanks were rolling away with it. Whack Attack needed a huge last inning, but were unable to find it. The Tanks would get their first W by a score of 25-15.