Spring I Champions of the Diamond Crowned! (Sunday’s)

And that’s a wrap on another great spring softball season! Four teams took to the diamond in our new playoff format, each believing that they had the opportunity for that coveted moment to hoist the championship banner. To top off that sweet moment, take home a $75 gift card to the Hangar! Each team came out swinging for the fences, and we had an exciting Dance tonight!



The social highlights tonight are all the great teams! We want to celebrate their dedication to softball, grilling and keeping the drinks flowing all night long! It was a great season, and we can’t wait to do it all again shortly!



To kick off the semis, Hold My D, the top seed, had a crushing third inning where they saw nine runs come home. The third was also ICP’s best inning, but they would only return four batters home. D advanced in this one by means of 13-6. Opposite them, I’d Hit That fought Tanks. Tanks struggled each inning to gain any traction, while Hit That would bring in at least one or two every inning; until they went cold late. When Hit That went cold, Tanks heated up, but there just wasn’t enough time. Hit That advanced 8-5.


Our Championship game was then set! Hold My D, batted second as the home team, so this put Hit That up first. The first pitch was crushed into the outfield. So was the second. Then the third. Before anyone knew it, Hold My D was down three runs. When they finally stopped the bleeding, two immediate outs probably put everyone on edge just a bit. But, two outs is not three, and D then found a way to crush a number of their own! They would bring in five of their own in the first. Both offenses stalled in the second and third innings, but the hot offense picked right back up in the fourth. I’d Hit That would bring home five again to make it 8-3 going into the bottom. D matched their counter with five of their own, and just like that, the score was 10-8! With about four minutes remaining, I’d Hit That would have one final opportunity to take the lead. They would take the first out, but then have another big hit find space in the outfield that would set up a RISP. Hit That would bring him home and bring the game to within one. D stiffened up their defenses, got the second out and then…got the third! It was a great game by both sides, and Hold My D would win its first softball championship!



(Please email the league for championship photo)