They’ve Got The Runs! (Sunday’s)

Tony Martinez

Ice Cold Pitchers


Teams were forced to face dual opposition Week Five of softball at Skipper. The elements made themselves known early as a brief downpour left the field a little damp and the constant wind made it feel like fall.


Just managing to sneak in before the first rain of the day was the game in between Alcoballics and Big Subpoenas. Alcoballics were able to jump on their opposition early, taking a 6-1 lead after the first inning. It seemed that after their initial outburst their bats had lost their power as an offense was hard to find. Big Subpoenas started to make their way back into the game until the Alcoballics were able to find the power switch and their offense resumed. Eventually, they would walk away 13-6 winners.


After a bit of delay, we were back to softball. One team happy that we got to play was Ice Cold Pitchers. After trailing for most of the game against Sit On My Base they were able to score seven in the final inning and then play just enough defense in order to escape with an 11-9 victory. That win keeps them in a tight playoff race but they’ll need a win next week and some help to make their dream happen.



Rusty Lyons


It was a great Sunday for softball at Rusty Lyons as many teams came to the diamond to play for a playoff spot. We had a great game between Tanks and Los Vatos Locos who went back and forth with different lead changes. Tanks were able to pull the win with a 9-7 victory. Next, between I’d Hit That and Pimp My Slide, we had another nail biter as both teams also went back and forth on lead changes, but the defense of I’d Hit That in the last inning was able to give them the win with an 11-9 victory. The last game of the night between Kohls Crew and Lucifer Lighting came down to the last inning and the last bat for Lucifer Lighting who was down three runs and with bases loaded with two outs. Lucifer Lighting was able to make a game-winning hit to bringing the winning run to win the game 13-12.




We are going into the final week of the season and every team is fighting for a spot so expect some big games next Sunday!