Tuffing Out the Competition (Friday’s)


The final week of the season has come and with it the last chance at securing playoff seeding and the last playoff spot.

Jager Bombers found themselves with a chance to secure the last playoff spot after a roller coaster of a season with a win and some help.  It seemed like that win would be hard to come by against 99 Problems as they started off a little sluggish offensively and lost their first baseman after he dove for a foul ball and came down awkwardly.  However, as innings went by their defense started to come together as well as their bats. Their consistency proved to be too much for 99 Problems and as time expired they found themselves in the 4th seed waiting to see the result of the final game of the evening.


They needed Fluff n Tuff to lose in order to make the playoffs. It started out fairly promising for the Jager Bombers as The Oddballs matched Fluff n Tuff run for run in the opening innings. However, a huge 7 run inning for Fluff would go unanswered which spelled doom for both the Oddballs and Jager Bombers.  Fluff would secure the final spot in next weeks playoffs.