Week 1! (Monday’s)


The Jerks


Softball was back in action at Rusty Lyons on Monday night as a new season got underway with many teams returning for another run at the Championship banner and also an introduction to some new faces to the SSC family. Those teams quickly embraced the casual and competitive atmosphere with some cold ones and making new friends along the way.

With rain making its way to the area, teams were concerned at yet another lost week to be made up later, but despite the rain we got through the first game and the rain left the area giving way to a cool, crisp night that made for perfect playing conditions. With a bunch of great games already having been played, the highlight game of the night was actually the last one to end the night. The Jerks returned to Monday nights after missing out on last season and they quickly hit the ground running with four runs to open their season in the top half of the first inning. Playing host was Where My Pitches At who were eager to start their season off on a high note. They stumbled out of the gate putting up goose eggs on the scoreboard for the first two innings, but finally broke through in the third inning cutting into the lead with a pair of runs and they limited the Jerks to just those four first inning runs in the first. Feeling Where My Pitches At on their heels, the Jerks got aggressive again at the plate and it paid off to push the lead to five with three runs and entered the bottom half of the inning where time is now a factor. Where My Pitches At suddenly caught fire and quickly tore into the lead with four runs to make the Jerks desperate to get three outs. Down by one and a runner in scoring position, the Jerks defense cut down the would be tying run with a spectacular play at the plate, and then followed that up with a third strike looking to breath a huge sigh of relief as they closed the door on the Jerks comeback and start their season on a good note. Teams will be back on the diamond soon to continue the season and continue the camaraderie. Cheers!