Week One! (Monday’s)

Misfits FC


Week One is in the books! We have 18 great teams out here on Monday nights, and we kicked this season off with perfect soccer weather! On a brisk, but not too cold night, SSC veterans and newcomers alike shared a common bond of soccer and had a great start to our season!



We had a number of great games all night long, but our highlight came between Misfits FC and FUFC. Though FUFC showed initial control of the ball, Misfits eventually gained momentum and seemed to maintain possession throughout the first half. Misfits FC continued to maintain momentum as they were able to set up a female perfectly for a shot that caught nothing but the back of the net. Shortly after, Misfits would again with an advantage set up a teammate for a score. Though this game would end 3-0, the teams seemed very evenly matched, the ball just bounced in Misfit’s favor tonight. Look forward to this being a postseason match-up!


If you missed us this week, make sure to join us at Slacker’s following each game all season long!