Week One! (Sunday’s)

Rusty Lyons




Week One of Sunday softball took off with great games and perfect softball weather as teams came out swinging and playing some great defense.



In the Social Division, Scoregams are back to fight for the title this season as they came out with a batting clinic type of day with a score of 12-1 over Hood Batz who could not find there groove. Paper Champions and Big Sticks also had some big wins and should be a fight in the Social Division this season.



In the Bud Light Division, new comers, Thunderstruck, is definitely a team to look out for as they showed a very dominate performance against Pitch You be Trippin’ with a score of 10-1. Ballapenos are also back to fight for a Championship this season as they have some new talent on the team who might just be enough to go undefeated this season.



In the Michelob Division, we had Pitch These Balls, Cobras and Wasted Talent have some close games that came down to the last inning for them to come through with their wins. The Michelob Division is going to be a very interesting division as many teams have the same caliber of talent. It’s going to be a great fall season of softball as many teams are all going to gun for a Championship this season.


Tony Martinez

hold my d

Hold My D


We have co-Social Teams of the week to start off the season and they are Ice Cold Pitchers and Hold My D for being social and bringing some fun to the league. They were both joking around and having a good time with players from all the other teams and brought a good social atmosphere to our league.



We had a good afternoon of softball out in the August heat as our teams got their Week One jitters out and played some great softball. We saw a lot of runs scored Sunday afternoon, but our game of the week has to go to No Glove No Love vs. I’d Hit That. They were neck and neck the entire game, and I’d Hit That fought back in the last inning, scoring two runs to win the game 5-4. It was a great way to start the season and we are already looking forward to next week!