Week One! (Sunday’s)

Tony Martinez


Hold My D


Softball is back!! After a six day off-season, teams came with a great attitude and were ready for some softball! To all the new teams we have here at Tony Martinez: Welcome! We are glad you are here! And for the returning teams: I guess you guys are all right.

Our first game of the new season featured two of our new teams. Bad News Bears would square off with Sit On My Base. This game was back and forth the entire way, but Base would eventually break the tie. Bad News Bears had the final at bat of the game and were unable to come up with a run. Base would earn their first W by a score of 4 to 3.

Next up, we had the Flying Chanclas take on Vatos Locos. Vatos Locos came out of the gate strong in this game. The game was pretty close until the fourth inning, where Vatos Locos were finally able to find the gaps in the defense and use their speed to break the tie. Vatos Locos would get out of this one with a 13 to 9 victory.

Next Up we had two returning teams, I’d Hit That and Ice Cold Pitchers. This was a rematch of the playoff game that didn’t have a chance to happen last week, so this was a fun one to watch. I’d Hit That got off to a hot start early, but you can never completely count out the Ice Cold Pitchers. Ice was working the comeback angle, but fell short in the end. I’d Hit That would get the win by a score of 8 to 5.

Next up we had the clowns of Hold My D take on Smack My Pitch Up. Hold My D is coming off an impressive season where they went undefeated so they were looking to keep things rolling here. Thanks to some great defense and the bats swinging in their favor, they were able to waltz to an 18 to 3 victory.

Our last game of the night put Pitches Be Trippin against Softballs and Hardsticks. These are also some of our newer teams so this was a good game to watch to see how the season will turn out. This game was extremely close the entire way! However; in the end Pitches Be Trippin were able to trip their way to an 11 to 9 win.


Rusty Lyons


Money Ballers


Welcome back to Rusty Lyons! It was a great start to a new season of Sunday softball at Rusty Lyons as many new teams and many returning teams are out to win a championship this season.



Super Social Champions, Ballapenos, are back, but in the Social division, and started it off very strong with a victory against the Rebels with a 9-2 victory. The returning Social champions are back as well as, The Damn Champions, who also had a big victory against Ballerz with a 6-3 victory. This is probably going to be one of the most competitive seasons of the year in Social division as there is a lot of talent out on the diamond this season. In the Super Social Division, we have many new teams but many teams returning as well looking to make a statement in the division. The Money Ballers look to be the team to beat as they have many great hitters on the team as well as defenders on the diamond as they won their first game 16-1 over Tune Squad. No Glove no Love and Pitch These Balls as well look to be very dominate teams on the diamond.


We expect a great season and many competitive games with so much talent out at Rusty Lyons!