Winning isn’t a Bad Problem to Have (Tuesday’s)


Our social team of the week, 99 Problems, had their double header tonight, and not a problem with it. They are a free agent team so in between their games they all hung out with each other and kept it social in typical SSC fashion.


Week 4 is here out at Monterrey Park! This week our focus is on 99 Problems! This was their night for the double header and they took full advantage. Their first game put them up against the Boozers who came in a little short handed. This would hurt them in the long run as 99 Problems swung their way to an 11 to 4 victory.


Their second match of the day was against Bad News Beers who also had a double header. 99 Problems got off to a hot start and took an early lead, but you can never quite count out the Bad News Beers. They would score 5 in their final at bat, but were unable to get the 3 extra runs they needed. 99 Problems would end the day 2-0 and come out on top of their double header.