Baby Got Back Hand! (Tuesday’s)


Double Trouble


Another Tuesday night, another great night for tennis at McFarlin Tennis Center!


A very spirited contest between Double Trouble and Racqueteers ended with Trouble taking the first two sets. But the match was closer than the score indicated. Conventional wisdom sees the fact that the Tennis Supervisor hogging the “comfortable” chair as a contributing factor to Racqueteers’ downfall, but the Supervisor is denying that claim. All three members of Racqueteers, despite losing, had a great time, and Double Trouble looked very solid for the second straight week. Although Ace Bandages forfeited, members of Over Served played a good “unofficial” match with the players that did show, and fun was had by everyone. We even saw a new face on Over Served (player additions still allowed through Week Three), and he and the team who had a GREAT time! We are all looking forward to Week Three!