LoneStar 12-4 TOW misfits

Team Misfits United

Indoor Soccer is kicking it to Monday nights, and Team Misfits United leads the way! After laughing, joking, and occasionally running the fields, they lead the charge to happy hour. Their whole team shows to toast the week. We will order up a round with this team!


LoneStar 11-25 TOW chokenpoke

 Choke N Poke
Softball 11/25/14

A group of random individuals were placed together to make up the Monday Carrollton softball team of Choke N Poke. Though not yet knowing each other, one thing they could easily agree on is that attending the post game happy hour at Buffalo Joes was a must. There they gelled! In the final week of the season their team camaraderie, coupled with their great energy and smiles, helped pull out two big victories. Celebartory rounds are in order!


LoneStar 11-20 TOW who has the runs

Who Has the Runs
Softball Dallas 11/20/14

The Tuesday Dallas softball team, Who Has the Runs, is serious about their pizza and their softball! All employees of Serious Pizza in Deep Ellum, they can throw a ball as well as they toss pizza dough. They showcasing their social skills this season and showing how their team camradarie and fun loving spirit gets wins, two big ones to start the year. No longer known just for being the late night after party spot, now they are known as the social studs of our softball league!


LoneStar 11-13 TOW 50 shades of black

50 Shades of Black
Flag Football Carrollton 11/13/14

Returning for their third season of Flag Football in Carrollton, 50 Shades of Black is a force to be reckoned with. What is most notable though is their selflessness and willingness to lend a hand. After the final game, the SSC official began cleaning up the field and turned around to see this team hurriedly picking up and stacking the equipment to help it get done faster. THIS TEAM IS PURE AWESOME!


LoneStar 11-6 TOW Balls and Dolls

Balls and Dolls
Sand Volleyball Addison 11/6/14

For the final week of the sand volleyball season, Balls and Dolls set up camp near the courts and settled in for a day of bumping and drinking. When all the games wrapped up, they passed out appetizers and beers for all the players to enjoy. The are totally the hostesses with the mostesses!

LoneStar 10-30 TOW Pumped up Kicks

Pumped Up Kicks
Kickball Plano 10/30/14

New to the Plano Kickball league this season, Pumped Up Kicks has jumped in with serious pizazz. These co-workers from Raytheon show chemistry and are on a three game win streak. This has solidified their playoff spot, and we can’t wait to see if these newbies can take it all the way. Hopefully they aren’t cutting out of work early to practice their pitches and bunts!

LoneStar 10-23 TOW SV

Sunday Sand Volleyball – The Whole Darn League!

The Sunday Addison Sand Volleyball league has turned into an after hours pick up party! Teams from the first rounds of games stick around to watch and cheer on the later games. Once all matches have concluded, all the LoneStar players mix up their teams and stay around for hours to meet new people while keeping the bumps and digs going. Serve up the socialness!

LoneStar 10-16 TOW

Ole Reg Scarborough Had a Pharm
Kickball Fort Worth – 10/16/14

The Fort Worth Kickball team, Ole Reg Scarborough Had a Pharm, would make even Ol’ McDonald tip his hat. This top team of coworkers comes packing to the fields with trays of jello shots. They indulge before, during and after the game. They are quite hospitable too, and make sure to pack plenty so that the other teams can join in. We will shoot it with this team!

LoneStar 10-9 TOW Back That GAAS Up

Back That GAAS Up
Softball – 10/9/14

KPMG and LoneStar partner to provide a wellness program for the KPMG employees, who stay active while blowing off some steam after work. This private league came down to the finals between Back That GAAS Up and the undefeated Recess Rejects. BTGU, known for their fun and social attitude, relied on their aggressive base running to capture the championship. Team you look good, won’t you back that thing up!
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