Can’t Dodge These Balls! (Wednesday’s)



Our Social Team of the Week goes to Hit It and Acquit It who, while only have the minimum amount of players, still had the most fun by going to the Hangar between and after their games. The entire team was out at the bar watching the Spurs game afterwards and were having a good time with everybody. It has been about the friendliest dodgeball season ever! Keep it up, teams!



We had another night of good games but we can only have one game of the night, which goes to Throwbocop vs CG. CG jumped out to an early lead, but Throwbocop continued to battle back. Every game came down to the wire, and at the end of game seven it came down to one on one for the win. Throwbocop’s final player was able to eliminate CG’s final player, putting the final touch on an awesome comeback win. We have seen quite a few game 7’s this season and we can only hope for more exciting dodgeball down the back stretch of the season.