Fiery Comeback (Tuesday’s)


The 2nd game of the evening, between Trilluminati and Brady Brunch, was close throughout the game. Trilluminati had the ball with 1:30 left up by 6, they turned the ball over on down on the 10 yard line. Brady Brunch drove the field to the 15 yard line with 4 seconds left. Last pass into the end endzone was tipped by the defense in the air, offensive player grabbed the ball after the tip but was out of bounds. It was a nail biter until the very end.

The last game of the night, Flaming Balls v Out Here Balling, was also good. Flaming Balls was able to overcome 3 interceptions by the QB and down 22-12 at halftime to win 31-28 by making a last second defensive stand at the goal line.