Kickin’ In Style (Tuesday’s)

Olmos Park


Playoff night here at Olmos! The past couple of weeks has all lead up to this where there could only be one champ of Tuesday nights!


Our first round of games put The Guido Hitmen up against Kick It and Quit It. KI+QI got off to a hot start, bringing in three runs early in the second inning. They were able to keep the Hitmen off of the scoreboard as they would advance to the next round by a score of 3-0. Las Chupacabras would take on Hotline Bling to claim a spot in the semis. The Chupacabras gained a 2-0 lead in the second, but Hotline had other intentions. They were able to bring in three runs in their final AB and advance to the semis where they would play Don’t Be A Bunt. DBAB entered tonight as the favorite to take it, and they were able to roll over Hotline by a score of 9-3.

The championship game was set! #1 seeded Don’t Be a Bunt would take on Kick It and Quit It for the championship. KI+QI started off slow. Their offense was quiet and the defense was looking rough in the first. They gave up three quick runs to Don’t Be a Bunt and it looked pretty bleak. Kick It and Quit It would stay quiet until the fifth inning when they were able to take advantage of some defensive miscues by Don’t Be a Bunt. KI+QI was able to release an offensive barrage, as they were able to bring in six runs and put some pressure on the #1 seed. With two innings left to kick, Don’t Be a Bunt needed three runs to stay in this one. They were unable to find the gaps and would leave the score at 6-3 in favor of Kick It and Quit It.




STAR Complex


Our first game highlight comes between Run FDIC and New Kicks on the Block.  Both Teams are pretty solid defensively, and this game was no different. FDIC came out and got an early run in the opening inning, and it took three innings before Kicks answered, when they took the lead 2-1. After some phenomenal defensive plays, FDIC finally tied, then took the lead in the final inning. Despite a valiant attempt by Kicks, FDIC held strong and won 3-2.


Our second game highlight was between Nickleheads and I’m Kick James, Pitch. Both teams have struggled thus far this season getting runs on the board, but luckily this game was different! Kick James got the first runs of the game, scoring three in the third. Nickleheads soon answered back, tying it up 3-3 in the sixth inning. However, Kick James also answered back with runs of their own, and despite an additional run from Nickleheads, when the final out was attained, Kick James came out on top, 5-4.