Late Night Ballers! (Monday’s)

The Longest Yard


In the Michelob Division, we have two teams undefeated, Back that Pass Up & Longest Yard. Both have incredible offenses which are putting up 60-plus points per game, but on defense Longest Yard has the advantage only giving up 37 points so far this season. Clearly their defense will be how they get to the title game.



In the Bud Light Division, we have New Era as the only undefeated team. This team has been together for a while now and they have created a solid offense and they work great together on defense. Behind them is Fractured But Whole & MISFITS, both of these teams have tons of experience and athletes and given the chance they could win it all. Although the scoring in the Bud Light Division is on fire, its the defense that is skeptical due to giving up some many points so often.


Good luck to all teams in the last two weeks of the season, make that push for a playoff spot!