Midway Point! (Tuesday’s)

It was a fun night at Olmos Park as many teams came out to play flag football over at Olmos Park!




The first big game of the night was between Aztec Warriors against Flagaholics. This game, from the first whistle, went back and forth with interceptions on defense and some big touchdowns on offense. The wind was a big factor last night for both teams as it definitely affected the ball accuracy of the quarterbacks. Aztec Warriors were able to pull the win with their last drive by a victory of 22-14.




The next big game was between 5 Fingers Later against Catchin’ TD’s & L’s, which also a game that was affected by the wind. 5 Fingers Later were able to pull off a not so easy win with a 26-22 victory! This close nail-biter keeps them on the road to competing for another championship this season. It was a great week of football and look forward to Week Four as many teams are still trying to fight for a playoff spot.