Playoffs! (Tuesday’s)

Tuesday Night Football playoffs was an awesome success, we only had a total of eight teams make the playoffs, but they sure did make the most of it.  We saw close games all night and even had three games that went into OT. The competition at SSC is at an all time high. As we do at the end of every season, we have crowned champions in both the Social and Super Social Division.



Pop Dat Booty
In the Super Social Division we had some really great games that came down to the wire. Pop Dat Booty started us off with an awesome game against Longest Yard. This game was close the entire time with both teams scoring back and forth. Neither team was pulling away so it was going to come down to last team with the ball, and it sure did with Pop Dat Booty winning 43-42. Next it was Dancing Avengeer Pandas vs Flaming Balls and this game was just as impressive, with both teams scoring to stay close. In the end, this one would force OT at the end of regulation and score of 38-38. Knowing the stakes, one team had to step up and they did with Dancing Avenger Pandas winning 44-38. In the Championship game we had Dancing Avenger Pandas vs Pop Dat Booty and by this point, it was late, everyone was exhausted but they went out there and did their best to see if they could walk away with a championship, Pop Dat Booty was able to hold off Pandas to win 29-18! Congrats to Pop Dat Booty for winning the Super Social Championship.


The Old Rusted Equipment
In the Social Division we had some games that we surely become Instant Classics. Starting us off it was Old Rusted Equipment vs Beauties and Beasts. The last time they met, Beauties and Beasts were only minutes away from knocking off the #1 seed but fell apart in the final drives of the game. Tonight was a bit of the same. Beauties and Beasts hung in there the entire game, even with the lead at times, but Old Rusted Equipment found a way to come back and tie it at 22-22. Then it was OT where the confident team of Old Rusted Equipment was able to hold off Beauties and Beasts and then get a score to end the game 28-22. Next we had Just A Lil Thick vs Freckle Tits and Chicks, this was another great game to watch with both teams scoring back and forth to stay in it. Freckle Tits had the lead but Just a Lil Thick is never out of it with their experience and strategy. They made a comeback and tied the game at 26-26, so then we went to OT where Freckle Tits scored first but was unable to convert the conversion. Just A Lil Thick had their chance and they used it well, scoring and going for one and converting to win the game 33-32. In the Championship game we had Old Rusted Equipment vs Just A Lil Thick. Everyone knew this would be a classic match-up, but the grind of the previous matches was evident in both teams. Both teams battled and fought tooth and nail, but the Championship game ended 30-14 in favor of Old Rusted Equipment.

Thank you to all of our teams and spectators for making this an awesome and memorable season! We look forward to doing it all again soon!