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Swinging for the Fences (Tuesday’s)


Week 5 is here out at Monterrey! Teams would look to close out their season strong and in winning fashion as we get closer and closer to playoffs.


The Social Highlight goes to the playful jabs between Stupid Little Pitch and Heart and Soul. Both are company teams so there was a lot of friendly banter during the pre-game talk. The game was pretty intense but a friendly and social atmosphere was still pretty strong.

First game of the night had Pitches Be Tripping go up against Hit That. Hit That had a strong week last time out and would look to keep things rolling here. They would use their speed and skill to earn the W by a score of 8-3.

Next up we had the battle of the day! Stupid Little Pitch would take on Heart and Soul. Stupid Little Pitch got off to a blazing start, scoring 14 in the first three innings and were holding Heart and Soul to 0 until the last inning. With a steep mountain to climb, Heart and Soul kicked things into gear and attempted the comeback. They were able to score run after run to really make their opponents sweat, and brought 11 runs home in their last AB, but would end up falling short of the comeback bid. Final score in this one was 14-11.

Heart and Soul would take on 99 Problems in the final game of the evening. 99 Problems had a total of 0 problems during the game, as they were able to run away with this one by a score of 16 to 1.

Walk the Walk (Monday’s)

The game of the night featured Hit for Brains vs Big Brown Stixx.


BBS jumped out to a 6-3 lead after 1 but gave up 3 in the 2nd for a tie game going into 3. Both teams managed 1 run in the 3rd, to put the score at 7-7. Hit for Brains scored 2 in the bottom 4th while giving up 0.


Last inning, Hit for Brains up 9-7 only had to get 3 out but couldn’t getting 3 before giving up 3 runs, to be down 10-9. Hit for Brains rallied back to score 1 run to tie it up 10-10 with 1 out. BBS then allowed 2 more runners on to make the bases loaded. The last hitter in the lineup came up to bat and manged to walk on 3 straight pitches for the walk off walk winning run.

Tequila Slammers vs Stitista was the co-main event of the evening.


After jumping out to a 4-2 lead early, Tequila Slammers gave up 5 runs in the bottom of the 2nd only to tie it back up 7-7 in the 3rd. Stitista allowed 4 runs in the top of the 4th to fall back behind. Tequila Slammers played great defense in the bottom 4th, and only give up 1 run despite the bases being loaded, to squeeze out a win 11-8.

Bats and Deep Bombs (Sunday’s)


First game of the night was a social highlight. There was a forfeit which led to a chance for a scrimmage. A team of umpires, players and fans were put together and had a great time. It was hot but everyone enjoyed it.


There were some fun games tonight starting with Bomb Squad vs Hold My D. This one was close for a while and Hold My D was on the winning side. However, in 1 at bat that all changed. With the bases loaded, Bomb Squad hit a Grand Slam to take a big lead and never look back. Hold My D tried to make a late run but came up short.

Last game of the night was Ballapenos vs Orange Crush. This was a great game, as both teams went back and forth trying to get ahead. The bats were flying in this one, with lots of doubles and triples and runs being scored. It was Ballapenos in the last inning that took the lead and held on for a 15-13 victory.

Tuffing Out the Competition (Friday’s)


The final week of the season has come and with it the last chance at securing playoff seeding and the last playoff spot.

Jager Bombers found themselves with a chance to secure the last playoff spot after a roller coaster of a season with a win and some help.  It seemed like that win would be hard to come by against 99 Problems as they started off a little sluggish offensively and lost their first baseman after he dove for a foul ball and came down awkwardly.  However, as innings went by their defense started to come together as well as their bats. Their consistency proved to be too much for 99 Problems and as time expired they found themselves in the 4th seed waiting to see the result of the final game of the evening.


They needed Fluff n Tuff to lose in order to make the playoffs. It started out fairly promising for the Jager Bombers as The Oddballs matched Fluff n Tuff run for run in the opening innings. However, a huge 7 run inning for Fluff would go unanswered which spelled doom for both the Oddballs and Jager Bombers.  Fluff would secure the final spot in next weeks playoffs.

The Late Season Heat (Sunday’s)

It was a great day for softball at Rusty Lyons as many teams came out to the diamond to play some good ole softball.


We had a close game between Id Hit That against Scrubs, which was a big defensive game, as some big plays happened in the infield which kept the game close. Id Hit That was able to pull the win in the last inning with a 5-4 victory against Scrubs.


Next close game we had was between Balls Deep against Hit It or Quit It. This game had some heavy hitters, which resulted in a high scoring game. Hit It or Quit It had a big lead of 5-0 but Balls Deep did not give up as they were able to tie the game 5-5. It came down to the final inning with Hit It or Quit It making a two run comeback to win the game 9-8.


Nuckinfuts against Chickson Dix was another great game, with a lead change every inning. In the end, Chickson Dix were able to take the W with a 9-8 victory.


One week left of softball at Rusty, so be expecting some great games since everyone wants a playoff spot.

Winning isn’t a Bad Problem to Have (Tuesday’s)


Our social team of the week, 99 Problems, had their double header tonight, and not a problem with it. They are a free agent team so in between their games they all hung out with each other and kept it social in typical SSC fashion.


Week 4 is here out at Monterrey Park! This week our focus is on 99 Problems! This was their night for the double header and they took full advantage. Their first game put them up against the Boozers who came in a little short handed. This would hurt them in the long run as 99 Problems swung their way to an 11 to 4 victory.


Their second match of the day was against Bad News Beers who also had a double header. 99 Problems got off to a hot start and took an early lead, but you can never quite count out the Bad News Beers. They would score 5 in their final at bat, but were unable to get the 3 extra runs they needed. 99 Problems would end the day 2-0 and come out on top of their double header.

Lunch Money (Monday’s)


The social team of the evening was Chugaholics, arriving as early as 6pm, grilling and drinking, not to play until 9:30. They offered other teams food and beer, and had a great time doing it.


The game of the night goes to SA bullies v Stirista. SA bullies were up 5-3 after 2 innings. Then down 9-7 after 3. Top of the 4th, which was the last inning, SA bullies gave up 4 to go down 13-7, but fought there way back in bottom 4th to rally with 7 runs to win 14-13.

TU Wela was the defensive superstars of the night, giving up only 5 hits in 5 inning to win 12-0.

Crunch Time (Sunday’s)

It was week 4 of softball at Rusty Lyons and every team came out swinging on the diamond which lead to many high scoring games and some close games as well.


First game of the day between Chicks and Sticks against Sit on My Base went back and forth with different lead changes with a very close game in the last inning. In the end, Chicks and Sticks were able to pull the win with a 9-8 victory and look very sharp going into the second half of the season.


The undefeated Halfnutz had a close game against Scrubs who gave them a run for their money as the game came down to the final last two innings but Halfnutz do what they do best, play defense, and won with a score of 9-6.


It was an exciting day of softball and with only two weeks left expect all teams to be fighting for that last playoff spot.

Sunday Shut Out (Sunday’s)

Another week is in the books at Skipper, and teams are starting to gear up for their playoff pushes.  A few teams however were forced to forfeit and threw the top of the standings in massive confusion.  Two undefeated teams could not field a team and that may end up costing them in the end.

Bomb Squad was able to greatly improve their chances at a playoff spot when they played Off In The Woods.  They pounced on them early and often but more importantly they managed to play fantastic defense.   While runs are always the key to winning a game, Bomb Squad was able to pitch a shut out.  You can’t lose if the other team can not score.  An 11-0 victory saw them even their record at 2-2 and gives them a chance in the final 2 weeks.

After a trying season so far Orange Crush was able to pick up a glimmer of hope against Tits and Sticks.  Orange Crush was able to jump out to an early lead thanks to a 5 run second inning.  However after that their batters couldn’t find the open spots and they were left to depend on their defense.  It held up for 2 innings before Tits and Sticks started to piece some hits together.  After a 3 run inning they piled on with 2 additional in the final inning.  However that would only be enough for the teams to tie 5-5, a first point for Orange Crush this season.

1 Pitch, 2 Pitches, Red Pitches, Blue Pitches (Tuesday’s)


Even with a bit of rain and a ton of humidity, we still found a way to have a good evening out here for some softball!

Hit That was one of our two double header teams tonight. They would split the evening, winning their first one by 11 runs against Stupid Little Pitch, but dropping their second one to 99 Problems by a score of 10 to 1.

Heart and Soul and Pitches Be Tripping put on a great game! This was close the entire way; but in the end Pitches Be Tripping would have the final say. They would earn the W by a score of 9 to 6.

Stupid Little Pitch also had a double header tonight, but were unable to get their bats going in either contest. They would lose both games today, but it didn’t stop them from having a good time. They came out, played their first game, then grilled until their second game, setting a good social vibe for the night.