Swinging for the Fences (Tuesday’s)


Week 5 is here out at Monterrey! Teams would look to close out their season strong and in winning fashion as we get closer and closer to playoffs.


The Social Highlight goes to the playful jabs between Stupid Little Pitch and Heart and Soul. Both are company teams so there was a lot of friendly banter during the pre-game talk. The game was pretty intense but a friendly and social atmosphere was still pretty strong.

First game of the night had Pitches Be Tripping go up against Hit That. Hit That had a strong week last time out and would look to keep things rolling here. They would use their speed and skill to earn the W by a score of 8-3.

Next up we had the battle of the day! Stupid Little Pitch would take on Heart and Soul. Stupid Little Pitch got off to a blazing start, scoring 14 in the first three innings and were holding Heart and Soul to 0 until the last inning. With a steep mountain to climb, Heart and Soul kicked things into gear and attempted the comeback. They were able to score run after run to really make their opponents sweat, and brought 11 runs home in their last AB, but would end up falling short of the comeback bid. Final score in this one was 14-11.

Heart and Soul would take on 99 Problems in the final game of the evening. 99 Problems had a total of 0 problems during the game, as they were able to run away with this one by a score of 16 to 1.

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